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Who Is Coco Jones?
Courtney 'Coco' Jones (born January 1, 1998) is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She is known for her role on the Disney Channel sitcom So Random, DCOM, "Let It Shine, and being a Season 3 NBT Finalist. Read more....
Friends and Family
Friends and Family

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Did You Know...
  • ....that Coco's first name is Courtney?
  • ....that she entered NBT when she was only twelve years old?
  • ....that she is often told that she looks like Jennifer Hudson?
  • ....that she was on the set of So Random! when she found out she got a role on Let It Shine?
  • ....that her father is a retired football player?
  • ....that she is 5 feet and 9 inches tall?
  • ....that she wants would like to have her own television show?
  • ....that she was asked to be on NBT after a video of her singing the national anthem at a football game went viral?
  • ....that her 2013 new year's resolution is for her album to go platinum?
  • ....that she guest-starred in two episodes of Good Luck Charlie and will make another appearance?
  • ....that she is currently writing a biography about her life?

her life is very strict because she's very popular

Featured Videos
Coco Jones - Holla At The DJ (Official Lyric Video)

Coco Jones - Holla At The DJ (Official Lyric Video)


Coco Jones - Holla at the DJ (Official Video)

Coco Jones - Holla at the DJ (Official Video)


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Featured Song
Holla at the DJ
Coco Jones Holla at the DJ
CoCo Jones - Holla at the DJ
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