Stand Up
Song by
Coco Jones
Writer(s): N/A
"Sweet 13"
"Stand Up"
Coco Jones - Stand Up - Music Performance - So Random! - Disney Channel Official03:22

Coco Jones - Stand Up - Music Performance - So Random! - Disney Channel Official

Stand Up is a an upbeat hip-hop song by Coco Jones. She performed the song on her self-titled episode of So Random!. The song also recieved airplay on Radio Disney.


See you sitting there
And all you do is nod you head
Why don’t you get up on
The dance floor instead

Is all about having fun
Not about looking cool
So grab your crew
And let me see what you can do
Pop luck drop boy
I think you’re so fly
The way your body moves
Do you know you miss vibe

We know that you’re the truth
Without a doubt, no lie
Everything you do is so fly
It’s just a vibe

Nod your head and tway with me
Let me see you get pumped and feel the beat
Nod your head and tway with me
Come on you got to stand up baby

Stand up stand up
Can you feel the beat
Stand up stand up
Me hear you scream

Stand up stand up
Throw it in the air
Come on everybody
Let me see you whip your hair

Stand up stand up
Let me see you move
Stand up stand up
You know how we do

Ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo
Everybody stand up
Stand up stand up
Yeah yeah yeah

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